There is a great sage Maharishi Patanjali in India, who composed Yoga as an accurate and authentic science composition in Yoga. Yoga is very important and authentic texts. In this, the principles of yoga in the simple, accurate and distinct scientific language have been depicted. Therefore this text is very useful for every type of yoga seeker. Therefore, seekers who want advancement in Yoga must read Yoga philosophy. By which all the misconceptions related to yoga can be redressed.

Maharshi Patanjali divided Yogradaran into four parts.

I- Samadipad,

II – Saadhanapaad

III- Vibhidipad

IV – Kavalayapad.

The basic purpose of yoga is the detention of chanting practices – Yoga Modification of Opinion: ..2 ..

Ashtanga Yoga comes in the part of the instrument of yoga. Which is explained by Maharishi Patanjali as the eight limbs of Yoga.

Ashtanga Yoga means Yama, Rama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratihar, Dharana, Meditation and Samadhi.

To perform these rituals of Yoga, that is to conduct rituals in practice means purification of the mindsets, by which Yogi Ritambhara possesses intelligence, that is, the cover of his avid is removed and the knowledge of the self-realization becomes.

Ashtanga Yoga has been briefly briefed here, if you want to read in detail, it was written by Swami Omandaji and read “Patanjal – Yogpradip” Granth published by Geetapras – Gorakhpur in India

Yama – Nonviolence, truth, selflessness, Brahmacharya and Apirigraha are called five Yama.

All Yama is the protector of the religion, so where Yum is opposed to religion, give priority to religion. As mentioned in anti-depressants below.

Nonviolence – “It is non-violence to never grieve any kind of creature with mind, speech and action. In other words, love is ahimsa from a zodiac. “Anti-sentiment – Violence committed to protect the country, religion and culture is also non-violence because it is the protector of religion.


Truth – “It is true to express the same knowledge of the senses and the mind as it is.” Anti-sense – It is true to say lame to the lame, it is also true to say dumb is dumb, but being against anti-Ahimsa is unrighteous. So the bitter truth of vain never speaks.


Astyay – “The abduction of others’ thoughts, rights or objects is stolen, but in contrast it is inconsistent.”

Brahmacharya – “Abandoning all kinds of Gem stones in all stages of mind, word and action is Brahmacharya.”

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All over the world, devotional worship prevails in Brahmacharya ..


Therefore, every seeker should take care of the stimulants, avoid the visions of erotic scenes, listen to songs, and protect all Brahmacharya in all respects.


Aparigraha – Money for personal selfishness – The collection of the property Parbhagha and vice versa The name of this lack is Apirigrah.


Rule – Shauk, Santosh, Tapa, Swadhyaya and Ishwar Swaroop are the five rules.


All the rules are the nutrist and researcher of the cleanliness and purity of the soul, mind and the senses, so where the rule becomes hostile, give priority to holiness. As mentioned in the anti-depressants.


Defecation –

Adabragatrai Dhudityi, Mana Satyayana Shudityi

Vidyapobhya ghost, intellectualization, purity ..

Manusmriti 5101

That is, keeping the body out of water, such as hands, feet, etc., keep the body part clean, keep the mind pure by adhering to the truth, purify the soul through wisdom and penance, purify wisdom by knowledge. Toxicity itself is a symbol of purity, so anti-depression is not possible in it.


Santosh – It is satisfaction to be happy in the fruits that you get according to your efforts. It has also been said that “Santoshi is always happy”, which believes in satisfaction and karmas in the work done by him, he is always happy. Therefore, whatever you do, understand the work of God, so that you do not have any dissatisfaction.


Tantra – Tolerance to religion and duty karma is called as Tanaa.  Hindu religion is to remove the soul from the path of ignorance and follow the shining path of learning. For the sake of this, the sufferings of the cold, hunger and thirst etc. are all in the category of tenacity. Tantra is done with resolution, not by imitation. Most people start fasting fast by imitating others, but it is foolish. Whatever exercise you practice, you should have resolved behind it. You should have a clear reason for your penance why you are doing this. Do not do any such penance, which is more likely to be harm than profit. Like many people fast on Nirjala Ekadashi, which is totally inappropriate in terms of health. No matter what fasting, water should be of great use.