All people to get white teeth shiny wishes, so resort to a variety of means to reach Mbtaghm, including laser or whitening strips, often have negative repercussions on their teeth.
Here are some tips from Richard Marks, a dentist, to whiten your teeth using natural methods.

1 – baking soda: is a natural paste of the teeth, where it is recommended to mix a quarter teaspoon of baking soda with water and washing the teeth with his heart.

2 – Strawberries: Eat strawberries because they contain a malic acid, useful for teeth.

3 – warm water and salt: Salt helps to whiten the teeth naturally and kills germs.

4 – Eat white foods: such as chicken, rice, fish and avoid foods such as wild grapes, fast food, and beet (beet).

5 – Apples: It is one of the best foods useful for teeth, whether to whiten or strengthen.

6. Water and milk: Calcium in milk strengthens the enamel of teeth and jaw bone, while water is a natural antiseptic.

7 – Cheese: Because it contains a very important amount of calcium, which maintains the teeth.

8 – coconut oil: removes bacteria and cleans the gums. Place a spoon in your mouth for 15 minutes.

9 – Coal: is another effective way to help clean and whiten the teeth.