most important aesthetic manifestations are the most vulnerable to the sun, air and wind, and therefore may suffer many health and aesthetic problems that cause great inconvenience to women.

However, while a woman’s attention and interest in her skin may fall into some mistakes, she knows her and may cause her a bad aesthetic appearance. There are several mistakes that may be made by my lady while washing your skin instead of getting a clean, sterile and healthy skin that may cause her harm and damage unintentionally and may have many health problems, including the emergence of acne and black pimples. With the appearance of wrinkles around the eye and some circles and dark circles under the eyes.

Therefore, we will provide you with five mistakes you may make daily while washing the skin and you should avoid to get a healthy and pure skin.

1 – Do not wash hands

One of the common misconceptions that women have during washing their skin is not to take care of the cleanliness of the hands or not wash them well before washing their skin because the hands may contain many germs and microbes and bacteria transmitted by the hands to skin skin and eyes, causing them inflammation and redness, which Skin irritation significantly. So before you wash your face, wash your hands with soap and water so that you can pick up the germs and fungi in your hands as a result of touching anything filled with germs. Then wash your skin well.

2 – the use of cold water and hot

One of the common mistakes that women ignore when washing their face is to use cold water to rinse their face because cold water may not clean the skin well and does not help to sterilize and disinfect it from toxins and bacteria. Cold water may irritate the skin. The use of hot water may dry the skin and remove the natural oils in it, making the skin rough and dry. Hot water also helps to close the pores and block the skin. So avoid using hot water and cold water because both cause dry skin. Use warm or lukewarm water while washing your face.

3. Do not wash the skin well

While washing the skin, you must pay attention to good care and wash it with care to use a cleanser and cleanser for the skin and be suitable for the oily skin is different from the dry skin If your skin is greasy type, use the rich foam detergents to reduce the secretion of skin oils. Dry skinners should use detergents that contain moisturizing creams and nourishment for the skin. As well as in the use of skin lotion in order to obtain the skin is pure and healthy and free of impurities formed on them and remove dust and dirt that quenches the luster of the skin and lose vitality and youth.

4 – neglect skin peeling

This is one of the most important steps that a woman should follow because the process of peeling the skin may work to remove the dead skin with the renewal of skin cells so it is necessary to peel the skin once a week for normal and dry skin while oily skin And sensitive twice a week and may be peeling your skin using some natural substances such as lemon juice, sugar, coffee and oatmeal, chickpea flour and some types of fruit. All of these substances can contribute to effective and effective skin peeling with the removal of dead skin cells and the removal of impurities, microbes and soiled skin layers.

5 – frequent washing the face with frequent use of towel

It is also a bad mistake to wash your skin twice a day, and do not give more than that. The first woman in the morning with a lotion and a cleanser for the face. While in the evening it is lotion and disinfectant to remove the remnants of makeup effects that cause inflammation and dryness of the skin and be an antimicrobial lotion and fungus. But if the skin is washed more than that, it may lose the natural oils in them and may cause drought and non-moisturizing. You should avoid using perfume on your skin as it may contain some very harmful chemicals and chemical compounds in the skin. Beware of frequent rubbing the towel with your skin and

avoid contact with skin so as not to make it rough texture and dry.