Small breast is one of the problems facing women. Most women are looking for a way to show their breasts size. Because breast size shows women as attractive and young.
Big breast is a manifestation of the femininity and beauty of women and some women, which leads to costly procedures, dieting, breast augmentation,
Tits are used by some household recipes to enlarge the chest.

Tips Before Breast Augmentation At Home:

After marriage, the size of the breast increases by about 30% so if you are about to get married and feel that your breast size is small, do not immediately need to breast augmentation, it will increase after marriage at a good rate of course with proper nutrition.
If you really want to big breast I strongly advise you to read the whole topic and do not underestimate any advice whatsoever, a simple way can be the occasion to make your breasts bigger and more beautiful.
The large, round and strong breasts are what many women want. For many men, the big breasts are a symbol of beauty. It also reward the femininity of women, while some women are naturally blessed with large breasts, but there are many women with small breasts.
In this subject we will learn about

1 – Breast augmentation exercises and the best exercises used in breast augmentation video in 5 minutes.

2 – enlarge the chest massage and massage ( video ).
3 – enlarge the breast makeup to make the chest larger 3 times in simple ways ( video ).
4 – breast augmentation with herbs and oils and the fastest ways to enlarge breast at home.
5. The appropriate bra to make the breast bigger.

6 – A breast augmentation device is real.

Breast Augmentation Exercises:
Some exercises, such as chest compressions, can help with breast augmentation. These exercises include the movement of the arms and shoulders
that will move the skin and muscle tissues inside and around the breast area, which in turn increases the breast and makes it stronger because the breast depends on the internal muscles of the woman. The chest will perform chest resuscitation exercises for at least 30 minutes to make sure you are doing them properly and seek
professional advice from the gym instructor.

If these exercises are difficult or can not be performed, you can try the breast augmentation method by massage and massage

Breast Augmentation:

Massage the breasts regularly helps to increase the size of the breast, and massage has two benefits, first because it increases blood circulation and secondly it helps to stretch the tissue inside the breast to make it look bigger and firmer. With the use of natural oils to enlarge the chest such as olive oil or almond oil to massage the breasts.
Rub the oil between your breasts for two to three minutes to generate heat.
Place your hands on your chest and rub inward and hold your chest in a circular direction.
Do a minimum of 30 to 100 times of circular massage in the morning and again before going to bed.
Follow this treatment twice a day for a month or two to get positive results.
You can use make-up to enlarge the breast, adding some shadows can make the chest 3 times larger than normal size. In this video you will notice that the girl’s chest is small but she wore a suitable bra to lift the chest and then used a pocket to enlarge the chest. Watch the video and place any query in the comments.

Bra to enlarge the breast and vest:

Enlarge breast with bra
The bra is the most important characteristic and makes it suitable to be the main component made of it must be comfortable and flexible at the same time.

So these tips to enlarge the Brest using a bra: –
Choose the appropriate push up bras that lift the chest and make it look beautiful. They should be in the same size or smaller one.
Do not wear a bra during sleep if you want to have a large, tight, full chest that never wears a bra during sleep.
If you want to enlarge your breasts, you should wear a larger bra or a titan. And vice versa in the case of Artdi reduce the chest by wearing a slightly smaller bra.
So I told you not to wear a small push up strap !!
Breast Augmentation:
Vibrating breast augmentation devices, breast augmentation cups and other modern devices and various ways to rapidly enlarge the chest is the last thing the science
has reached.
If you want to enlarge the chest without surgery and quickly you should use these devices, but the question is do you actually enlarge the breast ??

Vibrator Chest Augmentation Device:
The scientific proof of the effectiveness of the device on breast augmentation is not documented but a large segment of women say it is very effective with continuous
use. So we can not tell you whether the device is effective or not until you buy it.

Breast Augmentation Device Breast Augmentation:
It is a device that empties the air around the breast and suction it for breast enlargement and enlargement work. It is scientifically proven and documented but the
problem is that it should last for 10 weeks for 12 hours a day.
But the results are increased breast size by 90% and the success rate of magnification is 85 percent on condition that maintain weight throughout the use of the
Breast Enlargement:
Enlarge the chest in the ring:
Herbalists believe that the benefits of the ring can help increase the size of the breast, because the herb of the ring stimulates the hormones to enlarge the breast
such as estrogen and progesterone. In addition it can help increase milk production of lactating women.
How to prepare:
Mix a quarter cup of ring powder with a little water to make a paste. Spread the dough on the breast and gently massage.
Leave the dough on your breast for 10 minutes and rinse with water. Follow this treatment twice daily for best results.
Another option is to massage your chest daily with ring oil or a mixture of ring extract with a body moisturizer.
You can also introduce ring buds to your diet or take the ring in pill form three times a day after consulting your doctor.
Enlarge Breast with fennel seeds:
Fennel seeds can also stimulate for breast growth. These seeds contain a high level of flavonoid that increase the level of estrogen in the body and promote the growth
of breast tissue. In addition, lactating mothers can take fennel seeds to increase breast milk production.
How to prepare
Heat a tablespoon of cod liver oil with two tablespoons of fennel seeds in a bowl. Let the seeds turn red, leaving the oil to cool. Use this oil to gently massage your
breasts for five to 10 minutes. Leave it on the chest for 30 minutes and then wash it with warm water. Follow this treatment twice a day for a month or two.
you can also drink a cup of fennel tea in 24 hours. To make fennel tea, boil a tablespoon of fennel seeds in a cup of hot water for 10 minutes and then remove.
Red clover to enlarge the breast quickly:
Red clover consists of four phytoestrogens that are thought to help increase breast size naturally. This herb can also make your breasts firm and perfectly cohesive.
How to prepare
Add one or two teaspoons of dried red clover flowers to one cup of hot water.
Allow to boil for 30 minutes.
Leave to cool and drink this tea two or three times a day.
Repeat this treatment for a few months to get the desired result.
The herb of porrieria in the amplification of the chest:
A study at the University of Chulalongkorn in Thailand found that pueraria could increase the breast by up to 80 percent. It contains phytoestrogens such as genistein.
These phytoestrogens are known to contribute to balancing hormone levels in a woman’s body, which eventually leads to the healthy development of the body as well as
the breasts.

You can find poraria in the market as a kind of topical creams, gels or capsules or capsule and tablet taken orally. The recommended oral dose is 250 mg twice daily.
For topical products distribute it on the breast area twice daily for three to five minutes until fully absorbed. These treatments should be followed for three months
to achieve the desired result.
Wheat germ oil to enlarge the breast:
Wheat germ oil can also be used to enlarge the breast and create a more complete picture of it. When a chest massage is done it will help increase blood flow to the
area and ensure proper nutrition and oxygen for correct metabolism. This boosts breast size. In addition, wheat germ oil is rich in vitamin E. It also prevents breast
sagging and keeps it steady for longer.
How to prepare
Massage a few drops of wheat germ oil on your breasts in circular movements for 10 minutes.
Follow this treatment two or three times a day to see improvement within a month.
Palm grass to enlarge the chest:
Another popular herb for breast enlargement is the palm herb. It can enlarge the breast through the plant nutrients and fatty acids available, which stimulate the
development of breast tissue and thus improve its appearance as well as the size of your breasts.
Palm grass is readily available in the market in the form of oral capsules and oolong tablets.
How to prepare
You can drink 2-3 cups of palm tea daily for a few months.
If taken as dietary supplements starting with 160 mg containing 85 to 95 percent control and fat taken twice a day. For an appropriate dose, consult your doctor.
Wild potatoes for weight gain and breast enlargement:
Wild sweet potatoes are recommended by natural doctors for breast augmentation. This herb contains phytoestrogens that help promote the growth of breast tissue.
Wild sweet potatoes can be taken in the form of tea or capsule to enlarge breasts.
You can also massage your breasts with potato cream to allow progesterone to be absorbed through the skin. Do this twice everyday for some months and notice an
increased breast size.
Roots of Dandelion:
Dandelion root is one of another incredibly effective herb that plays important role in the growth of new breast cells and tissues.
You can drink dandelion root tea twice every day or take dandelion root capsules (525 mg) once everyday. These treatments will give you desired results within some months.
Very important notes
Breast is a mass of glands, fat, and connective tissue, and changes the breast tissue during puberty, during menstruation, during pregnancy and after menopause.
During puberty, the breasts respond to hormonal changes in the body and the process of breast enlargement begins through the hormones estrogen and progesterone, which
are hormones that play a key role in breast enlargement. Nutrition and heredity also play an important role in determining the size of a woman’s breasts.
Cosmetic companies have offered a variety of options ranging from breast enlargement pills, pills and hormonal injections as options rather than expensive breast
augmentation surgery.
While trying these natural breast enlargement treatments, keep in mind not to use all of the herbs listed here at the same time. Choose one or a combination of two or
three and follow the procedures carefully for a few months.